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Hands On founder and president Rick Langlais regularly shares his uplifting, powerful motivational messages with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, including churches, reservations, youth groups, public service organizations, universities, colleges, and high schools.

Regular topics include:

  • Alcohol, drug, and gang life awareness
  • Violence and abuse issues
  • Practical use of Biblical principles in real life
  • Testimony of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ

What others have to say about Rick:

Bryan Puk's LetterBryan Puk's Letter1

“Richard is a dynamic and inspirational speaker and has been invited to do presentations to numerous of my classes both at the University of Saskatchewan, the First Nations University of Canada, and the St. Thomas More College. I introduce him as the ‘Guardian Angel’ for inner city youth and many of my students are often in tears when they hear about the horrific lives that some of these children have to experience on a regular basis. If many of these children felt wanted now, perhaps their photos would not be on the wanted posters in the future. Please help this worthwhile cause in any way that you can.”
– B. Bryan Puk, Department of Sociology, University of Saskatchewan.

“I have known Rick for several years during which time I have observed him ministering both at Hands On Ministries and in our local church. Rick has a real passion for bringing the love of Christ to the underprivileged and street people of Saskatoon. His own life experiences give him a keen and unique insight into the issues and challenges faced on a daily basis by those in the inner city. He is a powerful speaker who will challenge and inspire you with his own story and the stories of Christ’s work in the lives of those to whom he ministers. I highly commend him to you.”
– Andrew Fehr, Pastor of Faith River Christian Fellowship in Saskatoon.

Hi Rick, just wanted to let you know that you are inspiring, a true heart of love. You are doing something so life changing to so many lives.
-Savannah S.

Wow awesome motivational speaker!!
-Bernice D.

I just finished reading the book and I must say what a powerful and inspiring read. I highly recommend this book to all walks of life. Thanks Rick for sharing your story. I think everyone should invest in the book!! Great speakers bring tears to my eyes every time.
-Lisa G.

I sat in the Soc class when he came to speak. I bought his book and am reading it now. What a powerful story!
-Lindy K.

Thank you Rick for sharing your story in my sociology class last Friday. Your story gave me hope for what you stand for…I wish we had more Rick’s in this world for every child 🙂
-Vee T.

This is an incredible read. Rick, I don’t know if I could ever be this absolutely honest. Baring your soul like this must have been hard in a lot more ways than most of us can understand. It touched my heart in a way I don’t think I can express.
-Laurie L.

Rick your gift is being read even at my cousins wake. Your message will have an impact on many lives may God continue to bless your life.
-Shelly H.

Your novel was the most intriguing piece of literature I have ever read. It was definitely eye opening and caused me to realize the importance of helping those in need. You are an extremely brave and inspiring individual. Your story had me in tears many times and I believe it will continue to open people’s eye for many years to come.
-Bailey C.

For most of my life I’ve fought depression. It started when my mother died and it still hasn’t stopped. I’ve tried to commit suicide numerous times mainly because I became disillusioned with the people around me. Your story and the things that you are doing, give me hope. You have encouraged me to keep on living and working towards a better life.

I have had the privilege of hearing your touching story twice now. Every time I hear it you fill my heart. You continue to inspire me and others around you because of what you have become…a phoenix rising out of the ashes.
-Kelsey L.

I am from a third world country and I really understand that “some kids play to be invisible.” Thank you for your speech…I started to believe that one individual can literally make a big difference!
-Qian Y.

UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you very much Rick! It was an excellent presentation.
-Jamie M.

You are an inspiration. After listening to your presentation I feel like an entirely different person. I admire what you do and how far you’ve come. Thank you for sharing your story.
-Lindsay D.

Rick’s presentation was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life.

I thought your presentation was one of the most memorable classes of my university career…The lecture made me feel angry, embarrassed and even sick at times.

I have had hard times in my life and you helped me remember that I have so much I can give others by helping them know that they are not alone and can get through this.

Superb presentation!! This was simply an amazing story which surely touched everyone who heard it.

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