Fly On The WallSnapshotsCreator’s Class

At Creator’s class the children learned about love and made heart shaped waffles with Ken & Denise Klassen.

-Rick, Tyler, Rena & The Board of Directors

Fly On The WallSnapshotsThanksFamily Volunteering

Thank you to the Dirpaul family for coming out to volunteer their time with our kids and in the kitchen this past Friday. Once again it was awesome to have you all!

From The TrenchesSea Container Needed

We are running out of storage space here at Hands On and are looking for a sea container to have on site here in our back yard for all of our outdoor equipment. If you or anyone you now could help us please call 306-653-4182 or email info@handsonoutreach.ca. Thank you in advance for helping!

-Rick, Tyler, Rena & The Board of Directors

From The TrenchesWishlist/Necessities

We would be honored to receive the following items:


  • granola bars
  • mayonaise
  • eggs
  • potatoes
  • baby food/formula
  • canned tomatoes
  • canned peas
  • canned fruit
  • canned kidney beans & black beans
  • canned chicken noodle soup
  • canned mushroom soup
  • juice crystals & fruit juice
  • fresh vegetables (onions, radishes, peas, corn, baby carrots, cucumbers etc.)
  • fresh fruit (watermelons, strawberries, bananas, apples, oranges etc)


  • toothbrushes
  • liquid hand soap
  • garbage bags (small & large)
  • bleach
  • ziploc bags (sandwich size)
  • paper towel
  • gently used clothing
  • paper plates & cups
  • financial blessings

Thank You & God Bless!

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